We promise that you will receive high-quality and professional products exclusively handcrafted and manufactured in Germany.

For us, quality means: complete customer satisfaction. Only a satisfied customer will buy the product again, recommend it and have pleasant memories of it. In order to meet this requirement, we attach great importance to high-quality materials, which guarantee a long service life and thus represent value stability.

In addition, the quality of the materials must be coupled with professional processing through innovative and mature machine technology. Not only the optics should be right, but also the solid processing. We also define our capabilities through our manpower. Trained and highly qualified personnel manage the processing, production, quality assurance and logistic departments. JU is a leading manufacturer in the mailbox sector. In Germany and other European countries, our products are ‘the company’s business card’. Our product portfolio goes far beyond the classic mailbox.

We are committed to custom-made solutions and customer requirements as well as specifications and custom designs.

Why you should choose JU:

– highest quality standard
– production exclusively in Germany
– processing of the highest quality materials
– state-of-the-art, computer-controlled production
– elaborate surface finish
– robust powder coatings
– durable fittings
– extensive spare parts storage
– qualified consulting and processing
– professional final inspection
– secure shipping
– individual and innovative product range
– flexibility for special requests
– production-related, short delivery times
– fair, quality and market-oriented prices


Mailboxes and doorbell boxes are optionally made of stainless steel (V2A or V4A), galvanized steel sheet or aluminum. Hinges are basically made of V4A stainless steel. Mail slot flaps with sealing and low-noise profile coatings. Boxes are manufactured using state-of-the-art clinch and punch riveting methods without spot welding.


A powder coating at least 100 μm thick, baked at 200 ° C provides for a high-quality surface. Colours of the highest-quality suppliers are available according to the RAL colour chart. Stainless steel handles are designed with the finest precision finish. Anodised colours are also available for  aluminum parts.


CAD designs form the work preparation. Laser cutting machines, CNC milling machines, hydraulic bending machines, stamping and presses produce box modules which can be combined in any required combination within millimeter precision.

Final inspection

Prior to shipment, trained specialists inspect every system for accuracy, flawless surface, functionality and impeccable quality.

Packaging and logistics

To ensure safe shipping, the systems are protected by appropriate packaging, from high-quality cardboard packaging through to wooden boxes. Our goods are delivered by selected reliable forwarding companies. Transportation by your own vehicle fleet is also possible.


For a good customer relationship, we offer you a wider range of services when purchasing our products. These can be found in the Service section. Don’t hesitate to ask, when you have questions or suggestions.