Model 03

Individual mailbox

Jumbo mailbox/Single mailbox

This brochure features both cost-effective, suitable mailboxes as well as high-quality representative models, especially for a family home with a wide range of assembly possibilities. All single mailboxes of our company are manufactured without compromising on quality. Only high-quality materials are used, ensuring a long service life and reliable functioning over many years.

Typically, fence systems are fitted with two assembly holes (diameter: 10 mm). 

For installation boxes with a pass-through borehole for cables (diameter: 20 mm). 

Cable lengths should be determined by the customer (as a rule by the fence manufacturer).


Economy Class

  • with Sky panelling

Economy Class

  • with Classic panelling

Business Class

  • with Compact panelling

First Class

  • with Nova panelling roof overhang on the front and rear: 20 mm