Model 09

Special equipment

First Class safety mailbox

Box and door in a robust design. Available for mail, installation, package and special purpose banks. Housing made of reinforced hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel. Door in a 24 mm version made of aluminum or stainless steel. Extra reinforced hinges provide additional protection. Including box lock with profile cylinder. Optimum double or triple lock.

  • Day and night mailbox system freestanding
  • Reinforced 24 mm door with three-point lock
  • With profile cylinder
  • Lamella protection device
  • Day and night switching with a 230 V transducer
  • Rear wall
  • Nova 20 panelling
  • Continuing as stand 22-316
  • Labelling and coat of arms in screen printing

Business Class safety deposit box freestanding

Our safety deposit systems are produced in accordance with customer requests and requirements to ensure the highest quality and flexibility. The box dimensions and sizes of the required systems are custom-made. As our customer, you can choose from a wide range of standard formats and panels, as well as have a custom system produced to meet your exclusive demands. From the simple coin-deposit lock to security code locks through to the integrated, electronic, application-controlled solution, there is nothing impossible for JU. Get in touch for custom advice. Below you will find a selection of product examples.

  • Compartments with Burg Combipad numeral code lock
  • Rear wall
  • Nova 20 panelling continuing as stand 22-316
  • With base plates
  • Box number engraving


of the University of Tübingen

  • Over 1,600 mailboxes
  • Including disabled-friendly, wheelchair accessible mailbox systems
  • Additional package and old paper boxes