Model 02

Through-wall mailbox for the door side

Flush-mounted insulated mail slot flaps

The fully-insulated mailbox system for installation in the door side has  flush-mounted,  recessed Avantgarde mail slot flaps  with finger recess for easy opening. The mail slot flaps are fitted with a return brake and interlock in order to prevent rattling noises and wind effects. As is the case with all door side system, mail is thrown in from the front and removed from the rear or the interior compartment.

  • with flush-mounted, illuminated house number made of plexiglas
  • prepared for on-site installation components (camera, fingerprint, etc.)
  • intercom/doorbell system
  • flush-mounted, illuminated doorbell buttons
  • all lighting elements are designed in long-life and energy-saving LED technology.

The front plate can be thermally insulated in various insulation thicknesses for door side systems.

Standard model:

  • fully-insulated inner box with 10 mm insulation all around
  • door 10 mm insulated with additional rubber seal
  • mail slot flap insulated with a soft-close system
  • front plate from 30 mm installation thickness


Economy Class (simple and functional design)

  • conventionally proven mail slot flaps
  • front plate 24 - 44 mm, completely heat-insulated
  • LM intercom grid, plastic doorbell/light sensor
  • standard colours: EV1 at LM front, RAL 7016, RAL 8022, RAL 9007, RAL 9016 and DB 703, all other colours with a colour surcharge
  • standard lock 21-109

Business Class (model for sophisticated demands)

  • SCS version (dampened mail slot flaps) at no surcharge
  • front plate 24 - 44 mm, completely thermally separated
  • punched intercom grid, stainless steel doorbell/light sensor
  • LED backlit flush-mounted
  • name plate
  • reinforced pin cylinder with master key function 21-120

First Class (fully-insulated model)

  • flush-mounted, cushioned and insulated Avantgarde mail slot flaps

  • front plate 30 - 44 mm, thermally separated 

  • laser cut intercom grid

  • flush-mounted stainless steel doorbell button  with ring lighting

  • LED backlit flush-mounted

  • name plates

  • housings and removal doors insulated, incl. surrounding seal

  • reinforced pin cylinder with master key function 21-120

Normal installation

Economy Class

Business Class

First Class

Partial installation

Economy Class

Business Class

First Class

Partial installation with middle frame

Economy Class

Business Class

First Class